How to Design Patio furniture around a Fire pit

One of the most relaxing experiences a person can have is sitting around a fire on a cool breezy evening. You can have this experience whenever you want by setting up some furniture around a fire pit you install in your own yard! Here are some tips about how to design patio furniture around a fire pit:

  • Set a budget You can spend a fortune on outdoor furniture and a fancy fire pit, or you can find inexpensive alternatives. Therefore it's important to set a budget before you start shopping. Since you're creating a whole new living area outdoors, you may feel it's worth spending a bit more to get quality items. Remember, you don't have to buy everything at once. You can always add pieces over time [source: Matthews].
  • Choose a style Decide what tone you'd like to set and choose your colors accordingly. You might want to look around your yard or garden for inspiration. Matching the themes of your home may add tranquility to the fire pit. Don't forget you're not limited to just furniture. Accessories like throw pillows and potted plants can help you create the area's style [source: Matthews]. Having tables along with your chairs can bring the comforts of indoors outside [source: BHG]. Using aged-bronze coloring can add an elegant and classic touch to the area [source: Martha Stewart].
  • Consider comfort Possibly the most important aspect of the patio furniture around your fire pit is how comfortable it is. Deep seating chairs give plenty of legroom and the ability to recline easily. Big, plush cushions will go a long way in making your outdoor patio feel like a living room [source: Matthews]. You can add contrasting lumbar pillows for even more comfort [source: Martha Stewart].
  • Safety first Keep your patio furniture at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from the fire pit. The last thing you want is melted plastic or even an accidental fire [source: Matthews]!