How to Design a Patio with a Fire Pit

Homeowners are hot about fire pits on their property. They not only allow you to gain a new perspective of your property, they also enable you to extend the number of nights that you sit outdoors. With a roaring fire, you can sit outside even on the nippy autumn nights. Fire pits require some additional planning from the standard patio design, but they're sure to provide your family with fun and memories. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to design a patio with a fire pit.

  • Legal matters Before planning for a fire pit, check with your local officials to see if open fires are legally permitted in your area. If they are, ask about any zoning restrictions. Some communities may only allow fire pits up to a certain size [source: Carter].
  • Consider the view Fire pits are ideal for long periods of thought and contemplation, so it's a shame to ignore the view when deciding where to install your fire pit. When designing your backyard layout, situate the fire pit where you can benefit from any natural, scenic views, such as a garden or lake. Ensure that you can clearly see both the view and the flames rising from the pit [source: Carter]. For safety reasons, consult your local fire department about where to place your fire pit. Some municipalities require fire pits be placed at least 25 feet (7.5 meters) away from anything flammable, such as your house or trees [source: Iowa City].
  • Remember the wind Another important consideration when designing your fire pit is the wind. If you live off of a lake, you know where the wind will be coming from. In any case, try to build your fire pit so that the prevailing winds won't blow smoke toward you and the others around the fire. Local fire officials can suggest the best place to install your fire pit [source: Carter].