How to Find a Gazebo That Works For Your Outdoor Space

Tips for Finding a Gazebo

You may be able to find a gazebo kit that's ready to go at your local home improvement store, but typically, gazebos are special order items. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so gazebo kits are offered based on what size, materials and style you're looking for. In addition to how many sides your gazebo has -- most are hexagons or octagons -- you can also pick an architectural style that will coordinate with your home. Choose from traditional Victorian styles, one with Craftsman details or opt for a gazebo with straight lines and a more modern sensibility. If you wish to create a mini me of your house, you'll probably need to commission a carpenter to design and build it for you.

In addition to how you're going to use it, a big consideration for selecting a gazebo is the location where it will go in your yard and how you want it to function with your space's overall aesthetic. If you're looking into a gazebo that's on a smaller scale, a patio gazebo can easily be incorporated into an existing patio or deck. Because gazebos are multi-sided, they naturally look like they belong in the center of things, so they're ideal for joining two garden paths or being placed in the center of an expansive garden. You should also consider the view you want people to see from your gazebo. Strategic placement can highlight things you want to see and block out things you don't.

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