How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto is a fancy name for the standard American cockroach. Much like their reputation, palmetto bugs are not scared of humans and they can adapt to the most unwelcoming environments. Though it may seem hopeless during a roach infestation, there are methods to eradicate your home and garden of these unsightly critters. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to get rid of palmetto bugs.

  • Garden Insecticides Visit your local garden center and purchase a granular garden pest control specifically for palmetto bugs. Because they are able to adapt to poisons, make sure to get an insecticide exclusively made for roaches. Sprinkle the insect-control granules around the edges of your driveway. To protect your plants, rake out the mulch, sprinkle the insect control throughout and then replace the mulch. Simply sprinkling the granules on the top layer of mulch will not protect the deep, moist layers of soil [source: Reeves].
  • Bait Stations Visit the local hardware store to purchase bait stations that contain fipronil or hydramethylnone insecticides. Place a dozen of these boxes around your house to attract the palmettos and kill them instantly [source: Reeves].
  • Protecting your Home Once you have dealt with a palmetto infestation in your home, seal off any entrances that can invite a re-infestation. Add weather stripping to doorways, cover any storm drains and crawl spaces with wire mesh, and caulk around water pipes. Leaky pipes are another way to invite the critters into your home, so be sure to fix any leaks. Sealing all the possible entrances will keep the palmettos out [source: Steinau].