How to Get Rid of Spiders

Although many people think of spiders as creepy, crawly nuisances, spiders are beneficial because they feed on insects, keeping their populations in check. Spiders use their fangs to inject poisonous venom into their prey, but most spiders' venom will cause only a mild, itchy reaction in humans. Spiders produce silk that they can use to make webs to capture prey, shelters for themselves, or sacs to hold the hundreds of eggs that they lay. If you have unwanted spiders and spiderwebs in your home, you can either call an exterminator or take care of the problem yourself. To get rid of spiders on your own, follow the steps below [source: Colorado State University, Pest Control Canada].

  1. Find the spiderwebs. Spiders love to spin their webs in dark corners and under cluttered places. Lift up boxes, move the furniture, move the refrigerator and check your basement. Webs are a sure sign of spider infestation.
  2. Remove all of the spiderwebs with a tissue, rag or broom.
  3. Capture or kill any spiders you find. To capture a spider, place a cup or jar over the spider and push it onto a piece of cardboard or paper, then scoop the spider up. Keep the container covered until you get outside, then let the spider loose. If you prefer, you can kill the spider by squashing it.
  4. Clean the areas where you found spiderwebs to make sure that no eggs remain. You can also spray the area with a spider pesticide.
  5. Put everything back in its place.
  6. Check every few weeks to make sure the spiders haven't returned.