How to Green Your Home Office

Bring the environment into your home office. See more pictures of green living.
David Gould/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

In these days of high gas prices and a struggling economy, many companies are incorporating telecommuting into their workweeks as the norm rather than the exception. It's estimated that up to 14 million Americans will work from home at least part-time in 2009 [source: MSNBC]. It not only saves the company money, it also decreases their carbon footprint. And it saves you fuel costs as well as traffic time, which improves your quality of life. So everyone wins. Since you're already helping the environment by staying put, why not kick it up a notch and go green in your office, too?

There are so many environmentally friendly products available that greening your office is a snap. But a green lifestyle includes more than just what you buy. Making small changes in your everyday behaviors counts, too. You can start small by eliminating toxic chemicals and bringing light and fresh air in. Simply switching to natural cleaning products can make a huge difference in your air quality, and it also helps the environment. And just because your company is dedicated to printing and handing out every memo they issue, it doesn't mean you have to in your home office. Big companies like Office Depot offer guides to going green in your office, as well as having a large selection of green office supplies. Just don't forget to bring your own bag.

You can usually expect to pay a little more for green living, but there are other costs you have to consider that aren't involved with your wallet. And some of these things can even save you a little green -- money that is.

These are just a few pointers to get you in a green frame of mind. We'll cover all kinds of ways you can have a green home office, starting with some environmentally friendly materials on the next page.