How to Grow Perennials

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Perennials have many uses in the garden.
Perennials have many
uses in the garden.
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Perennials, unlike annuals and biennials, will grow in your garden year after year, bringing consistency to your flowers or foliage.


In this article, we'll discuss using color, height, texture, and foliage when designing with perennials; creating perennial meadow gardens; mulching perennials; growing perennials from seeds; growing strawberries; growing perennial vegetables; and growing perennials herbs.

Plant form, color, and texture are important factors when designing with perennials. But the main difference between designing with annuals and designing with perennials is bloom sequence. Annuals tend to bloom all at once, but perennial plants will be in bloom for only a short part of the growing season. One perennial follows another in the annual sequence of bloom, so the focus shifts as the garden changes. It is important to know when to expect each type of plant to flower and which ones are blooming at the same time.

Color is a key element in any flower garden. On the next page, learn about using color in your perennials garden design.

Savory Steps
Remove a few bricks in a garden path to make places for low-growing thyme or oregano. Either herb will thrive in this warm, well-drained location and will give a charming natural look and wonderful fragrance to the walkway.

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