How to Grow Perennials

Perennials for Meadow Gardens

A meadow garden showcases blooms in an informal design. There are many easy, sun-loving plants that combine well in broad perennial beds or in fields or meadows. They can even be used instead of a lawn -- if the neighbors don't mind. The soil usually needs some improvement, as it does for any other garden. Cut back the plants after they flower, but leave some of the flower heads on to ripen for self-sown plants, food for the birds, and texture in fall and winter. Cut remaining stalks down to a few inches high, and remove dead leaves in late winter or early spring. Here are some perennials that make a good meadow:

Yarrow plants are excellent for mass plantings.

Like other gardens, perennials gardens will benefit from mulch. To learn about mulching perennials, go to the next page.

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