How to Plant an Annuals Garden

Growing an Annuals Garden

Planting annuals can be as simple as selecting one favorite flower and flooding an entire planting area with it. Most people, however, prefer to mix different annual flower varieties in their gardens, even though it requires a bit more work and planning. Available colors, height of plants, shade or sun preference, soil requirements -- all of these factors have to be taken into consideration.

Planning an annuals garden in advance is the only way to make sure that an annuals bed is color balanced and that the plants work well together in terms of sun or shade, height, and soil.

An eye-catching garden can be achieved by combining annuals of different colors and sizes.

If you list your favorite plants on paper first, noting their available colors and cultural requirements, you're off to a good start. As you narrow down those that work well together, you can actually see a workable garden emerge in front of you. By taking this extra bit of time, you can save yourself from being disappointed later.