How to Plant an Annuals Garden

Annual Flower Diseases

The following chart will help you identify garden diseases and cure common garden diseases for annuals.

 Symptom  Cause  Cure  Annuals
Leaves become mottled, curl, and shrivel; plants become deformed
Blights and Viruses
Remove and destroy plants; buy blight-resistant strains; do not smoke; wash hands before handling plants.
Aster, Snapdragon 
Newly sprouted seedlings fall over and die
Damping Off
Start seeds in sterile soil mix. Dust seeds with Captan* ** before planting.
All plants 
Round, dusty brown or black spots on leaves; leaves drop from plant
Leaf Spot
Remove badly diseased leaves; spray with benomyl* or zineb*.
Aster, Chysanthemum, Foxglove, Phlox
Lower leaves and stems turn grayish and look slightly wilted
Powdery Mildew
Increase air circulation; spray with benomyl* or sulfur.
Bachelor's Button, Floss Flower, Phlox, Sweet Pea, Zinnia
Orange or reddish-brown raised dots form on backs of leaves; leaves look wilted
Rust Increase air circulation; keep foliage dry; buy rust-resistant varieties; spray with ferbam* or zineb*; spray flowers with sulfur or benomyl*.
Cleome, Hollyhock, Snapdragon
Leaves wilt and turn yellow; entire plant shuts down and dies
Wilt Remove infected plants and destroy; buy wilt-resistant varieties.
Aster, Dahlia, Snapdragon
*Inorganic treatment
**Copyrighted brand name

Now that you know what to look for in order to grow an annual garden, the last section will show you how to maintain an annual garden.