How to Plant an Annuals Garden

Designing with Annuals

There are several factors to consider when designing your annuals garden, such as the color, texture, and scale of the flowers you want to plant. Use the following guidelines to help you with the design process.


Designing with annuals puts a lot of emphasis on flower color. Annuals offer flower color for a longer period of time than other plant types, for they are constantly in bloom. They are often used in complex plans.

The basics of designing an annuals garden focus on the color and texture of your annual flowers. Learn about beginning annuals design at HowStuffWorks.

Flowers are not the only source of color in annual gardens. Many plants, such as the dramatic purple orach and more muted silver-gray dusty miller, are treasured for their foliage alone. Others (such as cockscombs) have both colorful foliage and flowers. And still others -- ornamental peppers, eggplants, and dolichos, for instance -- provide garden color with their attractive fruits. Here are some color tips:

Re-create a favorite pattern from a family crest, piece of fabric, or needlepoint with annuals in your flower garden. You've seen similar patterns at amusement parks and public gardens. Why not do the same with a pattern that is meaningful to you?