How to Remove Butter Stains

Washable Fibers

Follow these steps to remove butter stains from Acrylic, Fabric, Cotton, Linen, Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, or Spandex:

  • Scrape any excess.
  • Pretreat (the method of applying a stain-removing agent directly to the stained area before laundering) with cleaner, such as Shout Liquid Laundry Stain Remover, blot the stained area, and launder as usual. If the stain remains, or if immediate laundering is impossible, place the fabric stainside down on an absorbent pad.
  • Flush (the method of applying stain remover to loosen staining materials and residue from stain removers) with a cleaner, such asAfta Cleaning Fluid through the back of the stain and blot with a clean absorbent pad.
  • Pretreat again and rinse well or launder.