How to Verify Refurbished Electronics are Legitimate

With the lightning speed of electronic releases on the market, it's hard to keep your old cell phone or computer and stay content. There's always something newer, better and more expensive coming out. Luckily there's a market of refurbished electronics that will help you update your devices without draining your bank account. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that you're purchasing good quality, legitimate electronics. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to verify if refurbished electronics are legitimate.

  • Request a warranty Just because you're purchasing a repaired product doesn't mean that you can't ask for a warranty. If your electronics have been refurbished properly, they should be covered under a warranty or product guarantee. When buying a computer, cell phone, TV, photocopier or other electronics, ask whoever refurbished the product to provide you with a list of the parts that were fixed or replaced. You can also able ask for the product's test result and a money back guarantee if the electronics fail. If the seller claims that he doesn't have that information, he's probably not legitimate [source: MacEachern].
  • Responsible recycling practices certification With the increased popularity of refurbished electronics, government agencies are attempting to provide proper certification to those establishments that practice responsible recycling -- both to the environment and the consumer. If an electronics recycler uses sound practices that comply with the government adherences to provide functioning refurbished electronics, they will be awarded a Responsible Recycling certificate. This will enable the consumer to know that the manufacturer is legitimate and reputable [source: EPA].