House Plant: Hyacinth

Bright colors and a perfumed scent are characteristic of hyacinths in bloom.

Hyacinths are renowned for their extremely fragrant, star-shaped flowers in shades of red, pink, white, yellow, or blue that are borne on dense spikes over a cluster of strap-shaped leaves.

If bought in bloom or bud, just put the hyacinth in a cool, sunny spot and keep it moist. Those purchased as bulbs should be potted and put in a cool, dark place for six to ten weeks, then moved into the light. After blooming, the bulbs can be planted in the garden.

Hyacinth Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Hyacinthus orientalis

Common Names: Hyacinth, Dutch Hyacinth

Light Requirement for Hyacinth: Full Sun to Bright Light

Water Requirement for Hyacinth: Evenly Moist

Humidity for Hyacinth: High

Temperature for Hyacinth: Cool to Cold

Fertilizer for Hyacinth: Balanced

Potting Mix for Hyacinth: All-Purpose

Propagation of Hyacinth: Division

Decorative Use for Hyacinth: Table

Care Rating for Hyacinth: Temporary

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