Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Appliances

Washing Machine/Toilet

OK, yes, this thing looks goofy, like a cow sitting on top of a dog. But the concept is brilliant: the washing machine stores the water it uses to clean your clothes until it's needed to flush the toilet. That used wash water is what is known as gray water. Because if you think about it, does the water you flush the toilet with have to be as clean, fresh and sanitary as the water you drink, cook with or wash you body in? Not really.

This hybrid appliance -- devised by Sevin Coskun of Turkey and entered into the Greener Gadgets design competition -- solves another quandary: Where do you put a clothes washer in an undersized apartment or bathroom? This makes use of the space typically wasted just above a toilet. And while a user might have to bend forward a bit to load and unload the washer, there is no bending down required. It's all at arm level. Just don't drop your socks in the toilet.

This is a conceptual design for a hybrid appliance and not yet on the market.