Ink Stain Removal

Treating ink stains can be difficult and must be done quickly. Learn how to remove or minimize ink stains, felt tip ink stains and red ink stains.

You need to remove ink from a leather couch, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to remove ink from a leather couch in this article.

Your child got permanent marker on her clothes, and now you have to get the permanent marker out of the clothes. Learn about how to get permanent marker out of clothes in this article.

Ink stains on your clothes, tablecloths or other fabrics are annoying, but it is possible to remove them. Learn how to remove ink stains from cotton in this article.

It's difficult to get ink stains out of leather or suede, but sometimes it is possible. Learn how to remove ink stains from leather in this article.

Stamp pad, ballpoint pen, and ink stains can turn a triumphant moment at the office into a humiliating experience in front of your boss. Learn to remove various ink stains.

Removing red ink stains can a real nightmare. Read on to learn ink stain removal techniques to wash, sponge, and soak these stubborn stains right out of your carpet, concrete, or laundry.

Finding a felt tip ink or Indian ink stain on a household surface is enough to make even the coolest host flip their lid. Learn ink stain removal tips that would make Mom proud.

Iodine is handy when it comes to cleaning a wound, but when it causes a laundry stain, it can be a real pain. Learn stain removal techniques that will wipe away what iodine leaves behind.