Inulas blossom as bright See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Most gardeners think of the inulas as represented by elecampane (Inula Helenium), a large and raucous herb used in past centuries to heal both men and horses. But I. ensifolia is beautiful in the garden and available from most large nurseries.

Description of inula: Inula is a clump-forming plant with thin, narrow leaves on thin stems growing to 16 inches, topped with bright yellow, 11/2-inch wide daisies. They bloom in July and August.

Inula ease of care: Easy.

Growing inula: Inulas want only a sunny spot in good garden soil in order to succeed. Seeds sown in early spring will bloom the first year.

Propagating inula: By division or by seed.

Uses for inula: These yellow daisies are perfect for the front of a bed or border and also make excellent cut flowers.

Inula related variety: Gold Star produces flowers up to 21/2 inches wide.

Inula related species: Inula magnifica has huge leaves and showy flowers on 5- to 6-foot stems if you have space.

Scientific name for inula: Inula ensifolia

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