Kafir Lily

Kafir lilies bear colorrful flowers atop a tall stalk. See more pictures of house plants.

Kafir lily blooms in late winter or spring with clusters of flowers that are a welcome splash of color at that time of year.

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The kafir lily is a large plant with thick, leathery, strap-shaped leaves borne from a nearly bulbous base in a fan-shaped growth pattern. It blooms in late winter or spring with bell-shaped, orange to yellow flowers on a tall stalk. It keeps its leaves year-round.

Cool winter temperatures and drier growing conditions are essential. This plant dislikes root disturbance, so pot it into a large pot and only repot every four to five years. Pups can be separated from mother plants during repotting.

Kafir Lily Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Clivia miniata

Common Name: Kafir Lily

Light Requirement for Kafir Lily: Bright Light

Water Requirement for Kafir Lily: Evenly Moist (summer); Drench, Let Dry (winter)

Humidity for Kafir Lily: Average Home

Temperature for Kafir Lily: Cool to Cold

Fertilizer for Kafir Lily: Balanced

Potting Mix for Kafir Lily: All-Purpose

Propagation of Kafir Lily: Division, Seed

Decorative Use for Kafir Lily: Floor, Table

Care Rating for Kafir Lily: Easy

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