Design Ideas: Laundry Rooms You Want to Be In


Now this is a productive environment!
Now this is a productive environment!

The laundry rooms we love exude personality and style, but it's also important that they're hyper-functional, which means ample sorting bins and cabinet space for supplies and, of course, plenty of counter space for folding. If you have room for your ironing board and lots of hamper space, even better. And don't forget places to store laundry baskets when they're not in use.

No worries if you don't have a designated laundry room. Kitchen nooks, bathrooms and even hallways can all be cleverly outfitted to do double duty. Laundry rooms perform well with clever cabinetry solutions that can also be used for other functions of the household. For example, a hallway laundry area may have a countertop used for folding laundry by day and a buffet service for dinner guests by night. A lot of laundry areas are stuffed in dark closets or basements, and given the amount of time you spend in them, they're akin to offices without windows. Putting your laundry area in a space with lots of natural light can make the deed seem less dour. Plus, you'll be able to see the stains better.