10 Cheap Ways to Landscape


Buy in Bulk

Prices lower when quantity rises.
Prices lower when quantity rises.
Frank Lukasseck/Getty Images

­You may plant only one or two rose bushes or fruit trees in your yard, but you'll probably need dozens of bedding plants and tons of soil and mulch. For those plants or materials that you'll use in large quantities throughout the landscaping process, buy in bulk.­

Take bulb plants, such as tulips, for example. According to Better Homes and Gardens, you'll pay around 45 cents for a bag of 25 bulbs. Buy 100 bulbs, and the individual price drops to 30 cents.

This is the same principle that applies at the grocery store. The economy-sized box of cereal, jug of mil­k or block of cheese costs the least when you break the total price down per pound or per ounce. Some nurseries may also give bundled discounts when you buy large enough quantities. But just as you would with an 18-count carton of eggs, check out each individual plant in a flat to ensure that all of them are healthy. Don't sacrifice quality for a price break.