10 Cheap Ways to Landscape


Know When to Splurge

Expect to splurge sometimes at smaller nurseries.  ­
Expect to splurge sometimes at smaller nurseries.  ­
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­There are many opportunities for finding free resources that can assist you with landscaping. Yet sometimes, it makes more sense to spend some extra cash. First, consider the quality of the plants that you're about to purchase. If you're shopping at a garden center in a large retail store, the plants may be a few bucks cheaper than a mom-and-pop nursery. Yet that savings may translate to a weaker plant. Smaller nurseries may have more robust plants and salespeople with more expertise on maintenance. For another alternative, you can find ­out where local landscapers get their plants and supplies.­

If your design calls for pricey focal point, such as a fish ponds, patio or exotic garden, you may want to reserve the bulk of your available budget for that. Pinching pennies on the less eye-catching aspects can allow you to splurge a bit more on flashier features. You may need that extra cash on hand as well to pay for help with installing complex hardscaping. When landscaping involves a pond, laying cement or other heavier duty tasks, weigh the pros and cons of hiring a professional. You may waste more time and money botching that pond project alone and then having to fix it than paying someone up front to build it for you.