Top 10 Summer Plants

The sunflower is one of the obvious choices for summer, but what are some other popular plants that thrive in warm weather? See more pictures of annual flowers.
Cornelia Doerr/Getty Images

What makes a plant great is, of course, subjective. Everyone has his or her own favorites. When looking for flowers for your summer garden, what matters to you? Do you want something that keeps blooming all summer? Do you like "set and forget" types of flowers that return every summer? Do you value the fragrance that summer heat releases from some blooms?

In this article, we'll look at easy care ornamentals with luscious flowers that bloom all summer. From extravagant and romantic to petite and perky, from flowering evergreens to old-fashioned favorites, there's something here to enhance your summer outdoor atmosphere.

Remember, all plants have a climate zone, also known as a hardiness or growing zone, which helps you get an idea of the temperature extremes a plant can endure. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issues a map that divides the United States into 11 climate zones, where zone 1 is the coldest and zone 11 is the warmest, so you can see if a certain plant can survive in your area [source: United States National Arboretum].