10 Unexpected Garden Decorations

Weird and Wacky Garden Sculpture

Take your garden pleasures where you find them. If your taste runs to the weird and wacky, try something extreme. Rusted-out cars aren't the lone provinces of the city junkyard. Some people put their old car on blocks in the garden, and others m­ake the old car their garden. Fill the cab with dirt, plant some geraniums and you have an instant flowerbed. Sure, it isn't to everyone's taste, but it is unique. From upended cars and landlocked boats to old cannons, someone somewhere will find a use for it in the garden.

The garden is a good spot for those unusual collections, too. How about those dozens of bowling balls you've been accumulating because the colors are so bright, or that nice collection of garden spades your grandfather left you? And there's always the spittoon collection your wife won't let you bring in the house. Don't call the garden a repository for junk; there's something more going on. Our indoor spaces only allow so much room for self-expression. We have to get around in our home's confined spaces, share our taste with others, and corral our humor so it doesn't get on anyone's nerves. When the niceties of modern living start to pinch, the garden is a great place to let off a little steam, express an opinion, or thumb your nose at convention. Many do, and from the look of it, it feels good.

Of course, if it's going to be seen by your neighbors, you may want to check any restrictions place by a neighborhood association. They may have something to say about a Chevy in the front yard. Take a look at the next page, where we'll explore more garden related topics.

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