10 Unexpected Garden Decorations


Classic Influences With a Twist

When we think of classic decorative elements in the garden, we inevitably think of stone and bronze saints, mythological cr­eatures, cherubs and angels. Most of us have been raised on ideas of traditional European gardens, whose elegance was transplanted to the New World. Thanks to the wonders of mass production, we have embarked on new traditions, classic in their own way. Less expensive and requiring less care, our take on statuary may go toward the odd, like the occasional plaster goose or garden gnome, or the exotic, like a pink plastic flamingo or two. But it's usually eye catching, and goes well with green.

Plastic, wood, ceramic, concrete, plaster and terra cotta are all inexpensive materials that can be transformed into just about any type of garden sculpture. Happily, that can cover a lot of territory, and folks have very different ideas about what makes a good addition to their porch, patio or pond. If hundreds of plastic garden critters peeking out from every bush on your property is your idea of the perfect garden, don't let anyone stop you -- unless it's your neighborhood association.

In the next section, we'll look at water features in the garden.