Top 5 Fall Plants


Rose Glow Barberry

Rose Glow barberry.
Rose Glow barberry.

­You'll want to be careful with the Rose Glow barberry (Berberis thunbergii "Rose Glow"). Like many other things, the most beautiful plants can also be the most dangerous. Rose Glow barberries, which are woody deciduous shrubs, protect themselves with extremely sharp thorns all over their thin limbs and trunks. Amid these thorns, however, grow some of the most beautiful fall foliage around.

The tiny variegated leaves of a Rose Glow barberry are either a deep metallic burgundy or a purple mottled with light pink accents. When viewed from a few feet away, the leaf contrast gives the shrub an otherw­orldly glow. This glow is common during the spring and summer months, but as other plants are dying in the fall, the Rose Glow barberry has a chance to shine even more than usual.

These shrubs are slow-growing, and reach mature dimensions of about three feet (0.9 meters) in height and width [source: Lowe's]. They prefer full to moderate sun and are hardy in most climates [source: Nature Hills Nursery]. Just be sure to wear gloves when installing and pruning this fall stunner.