Top 5 Perennials for the South



This beautiful daylilly (Hemerocallis) catches the last rays of the evening sun.
This beautiful daylilly (Hemerocallis) catches the last rays of the evening sun.

­The daylily is a very popular flower that can be found in planned gardens and seen along the sides of roads as if it were wild. Each flower only blooms for one day, which is why it is named the daylily. The good thing about daylilies is that there are several buds on one stalk, so the fact that each bloom lasts only one day isn't as obvious, because a new bloom quickly replaces those ­that disappear. They are great perennials for the South because they can sometimes bloom as early as March in warmer climates and can continue to bloom until late summer.

Daylilies originally came in only three colors: yellow, orange and red. Today, however, there is a whole spectrum of shad­es to choose from -- so finding the perfect color for your garden should be fairly easy. You can mix and match colors that go best with the color scheme of your garden, choosing between white, yellow, orange, pink, red, crimson, purple, blue and pastel-colored lilies.

In addition to a wide variety of colors, daylilies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circular, triangular, star, informal, ruffled, flat, re-curved, trumpet, spider and double form. These forms indicate the different shapes a daylily takes when you view it from the front of the bloom [source: American Hemerocallis Society].