5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger


Use Color Wisely

Warm-colored flowers.
Warm-colored flowers.
Philip Dowell/Getty Images

­Have you ever wondered why we humans grow plants for recreation? The biggest reason may be for the color they provide. Used wisely, the colors found in your garden plants can help expand the appearance of your yard.

Warm colors (like red, yellow, brown and orange) have an exciting effect on the human brain. As a result, we are visually drawn toward them and they appear to advance toward us [source: Texas A&M]. Conversely, cool colors (like blue, green, pink and purple) appear to recede an­d visually blend in with the landscape.

By installing warm colored plants near the central focus of your yard -- usually the house -- you'll draw attention to it. Installing cool colored plants along the borders and edges of your yard will create the illusion of distance and your yard will appear larger as a result.