How can you get creative with your garden decorations?

A clever way to create height in your garden and a draw attention to a focal point is by using old doors, fences and arbors. If you’re creative enough, you can incorporate most architectural elements into a garden. If you’re especially inventive, you may want to use such everyday objects as large soup cans, dinghy cooking pans and old lamp bases as original and unusual planters for your garden.

Nowadays, the traditional boundaries between the inside of a home and the outside have grown fuzzy. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to use such standard indoor items like a mirror or even an old toilet to liven up your garden. On the other hand, if your tastes are a bit more conventional, you can infuse your garden with such classical elements as bronze saints, angels and cherubs. The pink plastic flamingo is a perennial crowd pleaser, as well. In order to infuse your garden with a more relaxing vibe, water features, like an aquarium, miniature bridge or fountain are the way to go. For a simpler yet whimsical appearance, you can pepper your garden with various bits of folk art. Anything from a scarecrow to a birdhouse can be transformed into an eye-catching garden decoration.

If your goal is to create a tranquil and harmonious landscape, then designing your garden with an Asian influence is a good idea. Mini serenity gardens, bamboo waterspouts and teahouses are just a few garden decorations that have an Eastern flavor. On the other hand, holiday glitz, like Easter ornaments, Christmas lights and hay bales, will ensure that your garden parties are filled with the spirit of the holidays all year long. For a more low-tech approach, you can liven up your garden with homemade signs and banners that will add a nice folksy touch to your landscape.