How to Design your Front Yard

Your front yard is an important feature of your home. It represents you before your guests have even reached the door. With a few materials and careful considerations, you can redesign the front of your home, and create an entrance that will provide a hospitable welcome to your home. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to design your front yard.

  • Consider garden uses There are many practical uses for a front yard other than simply a garden. If you have limited backyard spaces you may want to consider using your front yard as a vegetable garden. It will not only provide you with beautiful greenery, the vegetables you plant will provide food for your family and color to your garden. Research what crops will grow well in your climate [source: Martha Stewart].
  • Evaluate the site Before purchasing anything for your front lawn, carefully consider the space that you have to work with. Consider what plants you already have, what parts of the landscaping you like and what you want to change. As well, consider the style of your home's structure. You will want to create a garden that frames the design of your home to further enhance it [source: Ellersieck].
  • Develop a plan Draw a rough sketch of how you want your front yard to look. Label where you will be planting trees, shrubs, flowers and public areas. Remember to include any of your property's outdoor features. These can include sheds, driveways, sports areas and patios [source: Trinklein].
  • Remember the principles of landscaping When purchasing and planting flowers, plants and shrubbery for your front yard, there are a number of principles to consider. Use trees to frame the home, not overwhelm it. Remember to plant so that it's easy to maintain. Shrubs and plants should be planted in rows so that your lawn can be mowed hassle free. Most importantly, remember that plants are living things so what you grow today will look different tomorrow. Account for this by not overplanting [source: Trinklein].