How to Design Landscaping for Privacy

Strategic landscaping can offer your property a lot more than beautiful foliage. Carefully placed trees and landscape can provide privacy, as well as wind and sound barriers. Privacy -- also called screening, in the field of landscape design -- can be achieved through a number of live and artificial systems [source: Starbuck]. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to design landscaping for privacy.

  • Trees Planting trees around large windows, patios, decks and yards give the privacy that homeowners are looking for without the sense that they're being held inside or keeping guests out. Groups of different tree species will provide sufficient coverage without creating a monotonous or overbearing effect. Remember to consider what types of trees you're planting. If they shed their leaves, these trees will provide less screening during the winter months. Coniferous trees provide year round coverage, but if too many are used, their shape and texture produce an overly dominant effect [source: Starbuck].
  • Hedges If you find trees too bulky an option for privacy, hedges provide an ideal alternative. They also provide screening, and can be cut to your desired height. As well, if you have a smaller yard, a group of trees may be overwhelming, while a row of hedges will provide the necessary privacy. As with trees, it's important to remember that many hedges shed their leaves during the winter. Choose a variety of hedges that will provide the desired amount of screening. Also, remember to leave breaks within the planted hedges. Too many hedges may produce an uninviting entrance to your home [source: Simon].
  • Trellises Trellises are a cost- and space-effective method for providing privacy in your garden. You can choose between wood, plastic, iron, cooper and aluminum designs to match your landscaping d├ęcor. For further coverage, plant climbing vines -- such as honeysuckle, morning glories and scarlet runner beans [source: Simon]. These plants will not only provide screening, they'll add a beautiful and colorful vertical landscape.