How to Design Landscaping that Unite Interior and Exterior of the House

You can get great ideas for landscaping your yards from your house. There's a certain sense of tranquility in a place when a united design theme flows freely between the interior and exterior of a place. You can design the landscaping around your house that unites the interior and exterior by following these tips:

  • Make the best features stand out Think about what the best architectural feature of your house is, and make it stand out. You can repeat its shape or color, clear the space around it or surround it with plants or flowers that don't distract from your home's natural beauty [source: McKenzie].
  • Use the colors you have Color is one of the most obvious elements of both house and landscape design. You want your landscaping to add visual appeal to your home, so extend the beauty of your home through to your yard. For beige, gray or white homes, mix in purple or soft yellow plants and flowers into the landscape design. Bold colors like reds, whites and bright yellows are great for homes that already have colors that stand out [source: BHG].
  • Reflect the architecture and style Use the architecture and style of the house for inspiration. Victorian styles will look great with low boxwood hedges [source: BHG]. Traditional colonial style homes will go great with open lawns, evergreen trees and a picket fence [source: BHG]. Cottages might go well with lush plantings and curvy paths [source: BHG]. Contemporary homes should feature modern, possibly geometric designs in the landscape [source: BHG]. The key is making sure your landscape accents the features of your home, rather than overshadows them [source: McKenzie].