Should you use thin veneer stone in your hardscape design?

Thin veneer can be a great choice for hardscape design. Available in a variety of stone types and colors, thin veneer stone can be a very useful way of giving the appearance of stone in places where using full stone might be impractical. This allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding how to use veneer stone in your hardscape design.

If for example you want to create a kitchen area in your garden or yard, you could start by building a regular wall around your fire pit or cooking area. Then when you face the wall with a thin veneer of fieldstone, limestone or flagstone, you will have a rustic look without having to worry about structural support that might be needed for a complete stone wall. By using thin veneer stone in this way you get all the benefits of full stone without the disadvantages of having to move heavy stone around to get the effect you want.

When you use thin veneer stone you are still using a natural product so all the variations of regular stone is available, no matter which type of stone you choose for the veneer. If you want to have raised garden beds as part of your hardscape design, you could face ordinary walls with fieldstone veneer instead of using full fieldstone to build the wall. If you're planning to build a bench or other feature in the garden, you could cover it with a limestone or sandstone veneer for another type of effect. You can even buy outdoor furniture, like cabinets and fireplaces, specifically built so you can cover it in your choice of thin veneer stone. Using thin veneer stone can be your perfect hardscape design solution.

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