How Urban Landscape Design Works

Urban Landscape Features

What's that over there? An ugly city lot? We can beautify it.

Urban landscapes today feature spaces that focus on preserving natural resources while creating environments that are inviting to human and wildlife populations. This is especially important in this time of global change. Urban landscapes must be designed to meet the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow.

Urban landscape features include the preservation, restoration and the creation of:

  • Parks
  • Nature centers
  • Recreational areas
  • Wildlife refuges [source: City of Tucson]

Urban landscapes are also concerned with maintaining and increasing watershed health and viability, sustaining forested and agricultural lands and promoting safer drinking water [source: City of Tucson].

  • Urban landscapes often feature:
  • Modern art
  • Old spaces made new, usable and accessible
  • Songbird havens
  • Best practices tying together water management and horticulture
  • Maintainability through planning and design
  • Integrated pest management and plant health care [source: City of Tucson]

By incorporating nature into urban areas, we not only beautify our surroundings, we create areas where we can get back in touch with nature, benefit wildlife and provide a healthier atmosphere for generations to come.

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