What can you do to make your landscape design cat-friendly?

Compared to dogs, cats are remarkably low-maintenance pets. However, even the least finicky feline could benefit from a landscape that's customized to its needs and habits. According to experts, even indoor cats should be allowed to get some sunshine as a way to prevent the onset of cabin fever [source: NYTNS].

One thing that cats love to do is chew on plants; some plants, however, aren't cat-friendly. For example, flowers such as tulips and lilies can cause a cat to have diarrhea, lose its appetite and even go into convulsions [source: ASPCA]. As such, paying extra attention to the plants you grow in your backyard will go a long way toward your feline feeling welcomed there. On the flip side, cats generally like thyme, mint and valerian.

Another tip when designing your cat-friendly landscape is to keep in mind that cats are able to get through fences that larger animals aren't. As such, it would be a good idea to invest in a kit that you can add to your fence. These kits will keep your cat in while simultaneously keeping unfriendly dogs out of your backyard. Similarly, you probably want to keep your cat inside your home after the sun has gone down since certain animals, such as owls, are active at twilight and have no problem getting over fences.

While protecting your cat is important, so is protecting your backyard from your feline's more destructive habits. One way to do this is by keeping your planting beds moist, since cats don't like digging through moist soil. Spreading chicken manure over your planting beds will also keep your cat at bay. However, dogs love the stuff, so you' may want to opt for deterrent sprays if you are the proud owner of both a feline and a canine.




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