What can you do to make your landscape design dog-friendly?

By: HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

By being aware of your dog's natural tendencies and incorporating them into the design of your landscape, you can both maximize your canine's enjoyment of the land while minimizing the damage that this enjoyment can cause.

Dogs are notorious for digging up their owners' backyards. This rather annoying behavior is also quite destructive. It's important to keep in mind that dogs dig for different reasons. If your dog is digging all over your yard, then this means that it's looking for something it buried in the ground. This problem is easily solved by establishing a specific area to be designated as your dog's digging place. You can then fill this area with soft soil and sand. To make it easy for your dog to dig, you would also want to top off this area with wood mulch. By burying treats in this section of the landscape, you can train your dog to only dig there.


On the other hand, if your dog tends to dig near gates and fences, this might be due to a form of separation anxiety, fear or excitement. One way to make your dog feel more secure is by providing it with a dog house in your backyard. If a dog digs up a hole and then lies down in it, it usually means that it's looking to cool off. You can help your canine by adding more shade to your landscape. Planting trees is just one way to increase the amount of shade in your backyard. Another tip is to use rocks as often as possible for your landscape's ground cover around plants and in planting beds. This is a handy way to minimize your dog's digging since canines generally dislike digging through rocks.