Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping requires creativity, a sense of design and a lot of knowledge on plants, soil and irrigation. Professional landscaping involves manual labor, but the landscape design and the landscape architecture are the major components.


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How Rural Landscape Design Works

That old stretch of farmland just outside of town hasn't been tended to in decades. It's overgrown and ugly. Townspeople have been talking about what to do, but there's no obvious answer. The town may want to hire a rural landscape designer.

How Green Landscaping Works

Green landscaping is an alternative method of creating an attractive lawn or yard without using hazardous chemicals. In addition, green landscaping introduces water- and energy-saving methods to your lawn maintenance routine.

How Urban Landscape Design Works

We've all seen an overgrown, ugly, garbage-filled, vacant city lot at some point in our lives. These hulking eyesores can make the loveliest of neighborhoods look unkempt and even unsafe. But it's nothing a little urban landscape design can't fix.

How Landscape Irrigation Works

Are you tired of lugging multiple hoses around your yard to keep grass, flowers and shrubs green? Irrigation systems can save time and water but professional installations can be costly. Fortunately, it is possible to do the installation yourself.

How Using Pesticides in Landscaping Works

Pesticide usage can be risky, but it comes with numerous benefits. Pesticides not only help plants grow quickly and free from disease, but they keep termites, fleas and other destructive or annoying creepy crawlies away from your home.

How Landscaping Principles Work

Looking out at your neighbor's lawns and gardens you find yourself suffering a healthy dose of landscape envy. All isn't lost -- it's still possible for you to have an enviable garden of your own.

How to Landscape with Different Soil Types

If after a heavy rain, your yard holds enough water for Noah to float his ark, maybe it's time for some landscaping. Paying attention to your yard's soil type, as well as the plants and erosion within it, is important when planning a landscape.

How Landscaping Software Works

So you've got some ideas for your backyard. You want to build a new patio, plant some native shrubs or maybe install a new sprinkler system. You can see it in your head, but what will it really look like? Landscape software can show you.

How Landscape Restoration Works

Everyday we hear about the problems the world faces. War, famine, disease - and the list doesn't end there. Every year, roughly 13 millions hectares of land is deforested and turned into parking lots and roads. So what can we do about it now?

How Hydroponics Works

As the population of our planet soars and arable land declines, hydroponics will allow us to produce crops in greenhouses or in multilevel buildings dedicated to agriculture. How else will hydroponics save plant populations?

How Greenhouses Work

Reproducing plants out of season gave man a measure of control over nature. The allure of it sparked the imagination and inspired new methods for building structures devoted to plants. So how do greenhouses work?

How Permaculture Works

Permaculture emphasizes integrated farming and ecological engineering which, in theory, allows farms and communities to pursue their own ends in a way that works with their environments.

How Xeriscaping Works

We all know that water's a precious resource, but in drought-stricken regions, it's harder to come by than ever. What can you do? One landscaping option is Xeriscaping.