Lawn Problems

Look for lawn problems as you do regular maintenance.
Look for lawn problems as you do regular maintenance.

Healthy lawns may fall prey to a variety of nibblers, parasites, and harmfully competitive weeds. In this article, we'll help you identify your lawn's attackers and explain specific methods for controlling each type of lawn pest.

Prevention is often the best method for dealing with pests. We'll share several ideas to integrate into your lawn plan and design that will keep pests at bay. Proven methods against pests include everything from attracting beneficial insects, using non-chemical minerals, and even using beer on slugs.

Deer are a separate type of pest, and we'll give you lots of suggestions for keeping these voracious browsers from grazing away on your hard work.

For every pest from mold to bugs to weeds, there are pest repellents and killers.

Up Next

We have a guide to diagnosing and treating any problems that may crop up in your lawn. If you've got lots of ground cover on your lawn, we've got that covered, too. With our guide, you'll be able to identify any trouble spots on your lawn and take control before the pest problem runs rampant.

Think you have a lawn pest running through your back yard? On the next page, we'll teach you how to prevent lawn pests.

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