Lockhartia Oerstedii Orchid

Lockhartia oerstedii (braided orchid), which is found growing from Mexico to Panama, belongs to a genus that was named in honor of David Lockhart, the first superintendent of the Royal Botanical Garden in Trinidad. Its common name comes from the braided arrangement of its leaves.

Lockhartia oerstedii Orchid
Lockhartia oerstedii orchids boast yellow flowers in the center of this scene.

An epiphyte, Lockhartia oerstedii grows one to two feet tall and has one-half to one inch, red spotted, yellow flowers. The flowers dangle on thin stems like golden earrings. Almost ever-flowering, it blooms on and off throughout the year.

Lockhartia oerstedii prefers intermediate to warm temperatures, filtered light, and even moisture with excellent drainage. It does better if it is not over potted or divided too often. This is one of the easiest orchids to grow under lights.

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