Love Lies Bleeding

Brightly colored foliage in yellow, red, and orange is the appeal of various ornamental varieties of A. tricolor, hence the common name of "Joseph's coat." A. caudatus is known as "love lies bleeding" for its brightly colored ropes of flowers in red, white, or bright green.

Description of love lies bleeding: These tropical foliage and flowering plants, with their bright plumage, vary in different, visually stimulating ways. Because they grow rapidly in hot weather, choose different love lies bleeding for specific needs of color and texture.


How to grow love lies bleeding: Plant in warm soil after all chance of frost has passed and in full sun to develop the most vibrant color. love lies bleeding tolerate poor soil, heat, and drought. However, poor drainage or excessively wet soil may cause root rot.

Propagating love lies bleeding: By seed. Start indoors at 70 degrees Fahrenheit 6 weeks prior to planting out or sow directly in place.

Uses for love lies bleeding: Because of its height, A. tricolor makes a good background plant. The shorter A. caudatus is useful grouped in mid-border. Several plants together will effectively highlight their tassels. They make striking container plants. The flowers may also be cut and dried.

Love lies bleeding related species: Prince's feather (A. cruentus) has purple or red spikes that will reach 5 feet by season's end.

Love lies bleeding related varieties: Plants of A. tricolor can grow to 4 feet high and spread 2 feet wide. Varieties include 'Flaming Fountains,' with long, willowy, crimson leaves; 'Joseph's Coat,' with yellow, scarlet, and green foliage; and 'Illumination,' which adds bronze to the previous colors. Varieties of A. caudatus are shorter, up to 2 or 3 feet high with a 2-foot spread, and include 'Green Thumb,' with upright, green spikes, and 'Love Lies Bleeding,' with blood-red flowers.

Scientific name for: Amaranthus tricolor, A. caudatus


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