Make-up Stain Removal

Make-up stains can make you blush with embarrassment. Learn how to treat and remove make-up stains ranging from foundation to eyeliner to nail polish.

Nail polish stains may create as many messy problems as you have fingers and toes. But stain removal tips mean that help is at the tip of your fingers. Learn to remove nail polish stains.

Eyeliner, eye pencil, and eyeshadow makeup stains can get ugly. Then it's your furniture that end up needing a makeover. Avoid that ugliness with some cleaning techniques. Learn to clean these makeup stains.

Face powder makeup stains may lead a person to blush. These embarrassing messes also can make you not want to show your face in public. Learn stain removal tips to clean face powder makeup stains.

Liquid foundation makeup is meant to be worn on your face, not your clothes. These stain removal techniques will turn your laundry stains into a fashion statement of their own -- less is more.

Lipstick looks lovely on lips but not so hot on laundry. Learn stain removal techniques that will help keep your lipstick and makeup where it belongs.

Blush makeup stains aren't pretty when they stain that designer blouse you just bought. Avoid embarrassment from makeup stains. Learn how to clean the spots, apply stain remover, and treat blush makeup stains.