HowStuffWorks Joins Global Fight Against Malaria in Partnership With Malaria No More

White House Summit on Malaria to take place December 14; HowStuffWorks leads online education efforts to inform public and raise money for bed nets in Africa

ATLANTA -- December 12, 2006 - In conjunction with the upcoming White House Summit on Malaria, announced today its partnership with Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization founded by leading non-governmental organizations to inspire the private sector to support a comprehensive approach to end malaria deaths. In support of the partnership, HowStuffWorks has launched a comprehensive catalog of information on its Web site to inform the public of this preventable disease that kills more than a million people worldwide each year.

Several new articles written in HowStuffWorks' easy-to-understand format explain how to identify, treat and contain malaria.

"One child dies every 30 seconds from malaria in Africa -- an incomprehensible statistic," said HowStuffWorks Chairman and CEO Jeff Arnold. "HowStuffWorks simplifies complex subjects, and there are some simple ways to control this complicated disease. When we heard that real and achievable prevention methods existed, we felt compelled to leverage our platform and help educate the millions of visitors coming to our Web site every month."

In the first of its series of articles on malaria, HowStuffWorks explains "How Malaria Works" and examines its global impact, as well as its causes and symptoms. "How Malaria Drugs Work" then delves into the science behind the various drugs used to treat malaria. The article also explores how factors such as the type of infecting species, the clinical status of the patient and location of where the disease was contracted all contribute to what treatment is recommended. The third piece, "How to Prevent Malaria," highlights the curable and preventable nature of the disease, explaining governmental efforts including President Bush's Malaria Initiative and outlining steps to take for personal protection from the disease.

Furthering its commitment to the cause, HowStuffWorks will promote Malaria No More's bed net sponsorship program to millions of HowStuffWorks users around the world. Malaria No More uses public contributions to fund proven, established bed net distribution programs throughout Africa.

"Grassroots awareness is the first and most critical step in containing the spread of this deadly disease," said John Bridgeland, CEO of Malaria No More. "Having such a respected and trusted resource as HowStuffWorks in our corner helping us inform the public will undoubtedly help us to win this global fight."


Malaria No More was founded by leading non-governmental organizations to inspire individuals, institutions and organizations in the private sector to support a comprehensive approach to end malaria deaths. Malaria deaths are devastating but preventable, and three critical elements are needed: educating families and communities on the causes of malaria and resources available to control it; providing long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets and targeted insecticide spraying of homes and surrounding areas for prevention; and delivering rapid diagnostics and treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapies. The simplest way for individuals to participate is to donate $10 to provide a life-saving bed net and the education to support its use. For more information, visit

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