By: C. Colston Burrell
Mallow's 5-petaled flowers range in color from See more pictures of perennial pictures.

Mallow is a lovely flower that blooms in late summer and into fall. Malva is the ancient Latin name for "mallow," used by Pliny and derived from the Greek name Malachi, "to soften," in reference to its emollient qualities.

Description of mallow: Mallow is a bushy perennial with stout stems growing to 4 feet. Soft green, fingered leaves and 5-petaled flowers in the leaf axils bloom over a long period. Ease of care: Easy.


Growing mallow: Malvas are not fussy about soil, and any good garden soil will do. They adapt to dry conditions, but do require full sun or, at best, a bit of shade.

Propagating mallow: By seed or by division in early spring.

Uses for mallow: Malvas mix beautifully with white phlox and in the midst of ornamental grasses. They are most effective when planted mid-border.

Mallow related species: Malva moschata Alba is similar to M. Alcea, with white flowers on slightly shorter stems.

Mallow related variety: Fastigiata has pink flowers with darker veining. It requires no staking and can be used for cut flowers.

Scientific name for mallow: Malua alcea


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