Maxillaria Houtteana Orchid

Maxillaria houtteana belongs to a genus of over 300 very different species found from Florida to Brazil. The name refers to the shape of the lip and comes from the word “maxilla; jawbone.” Most Maxillaria houtteana are epiphytic and easy to grow indoors.

Maxillaria houtteana Orchid
Maxillaria houtteana orchid

Maxillaria houtteana has small, single-leaved pseudobulbs that grow on climbing, branching stems. The single, leathery, cinnamon-brown flowers usually appear in the fall, in the winter, and in the spring. Some plants are ever-blooming.

Give Maxillaria houtteana orchids intermediate to warm temperatures and filtered to bright light. Drench and let dry. This plant needs good air circulation and excellent drainage.

Orchid Types

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