Melocactus matanzanus (Turk's head cactus, Turk's cap cactus, melon cactus), a cactus from Mexico, is a large ribbed, ball-shaped or cylindrical plant that develops a cap or "cephalium" on the top of the plant at maturity.

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The melocactus matanzanus cactus, a large ribbed, cylindrical plant, develops a cap on top of the plant at maturity.
Melocactus matanzanus. See more pictures of cacti.

The cap in Melocactus matanzanus is white with red-orange bristles. The flowers, when they appear in the top, are a rosy-pink.

Melocactus communis, from Jamaica, which has a similar appearance, was one of the first cacti ever seen by Europeans; they thought that the plants were actually the fruit of a giant thistle. These plants originate from warm, moist, coastal areas; unlike most desert cacti, they can tolerate humidity.

Give them bright light, heavy soil with good drainage and warm nights. Drench and let dry.

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