Miltonia Orchid

The genus Miltonia was named after Viscount Milton, an English patron of horticulture. They are often called pansy orchids because of the open, flat flowers. The species is divided into the warmer growing, small-flowered varieties from Brazil, and the cooler growing, large-flowered varieties from the Colombian Andes.

Miltonia Orchid
Miltonia Orchid

Miltonia Hannover, a violet hybrid that blooms in the spring and in the summer, prefers intermediate to cool night temperatures. The greatest difficulty in growing Miltonias is keeping them cool enough in the summer so they do not exhaust themselves. Give them temperatures that are 60°F or below at night and under 80°F during the day.

Miltonia orchids like filtered to shady light, high humidity, good air circulation, and to be kept evenly moist. Water less in the winter. Do not divide them too often; let them grow in clumps. These orchids are attractive even out of bloom.

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