Mountain Cereus

Oreocereus hendriksenianus densilanatus (mountain cereus) is a strongly ribbed cactus from the Andes of Bolivia and Peru.

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Oreocereus hendriksenianus, or mountain cereus
Mountain Cereus. See more pictures of cacti.

It has reddish spines and long, silky hair that can get rather dirty from dust and pollution.

Give it bright light and well drained, heavy soil. Keep it cool and dry during the winter. Whenever it looks like especially dirty, gently shampoo its hair and brush it out with a soft toothbrush.

Cactus Profiles

Aeonium Melocactus
Agave Mountain Cereus
Alluaudia procera Nananthus schoonesii
Calibanus hookerii Rat Tail Cactus
Crassula Rebutia
Echeveria Sedum
Elephant Bush Senecio
Eulychnia saint-pieana Spider Cactus
Ferocactus Stapelia
Foxtail Asparagus Fern Tephrocactus
Gasteria Torch Cactus
Haageocereus chrysacranthus Trichodiadema olearea
Holiday Cactus Yucca

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