What kinds of multi-functional tools are on the market?

The Rescue Tool is a popular multi-functional tool that comes with such attachments as tweezers, a toothpick, a Phillips screwdriver and a one-handed blade. There's also a multi-purpose tool out there that's perfect for that special geek in your life: The Swiss Flash is a multi-purpose pocket knife that comes with a laser pointer, USB flash drive, a blade, scissors and a mini flashlight.

If you have money to burn, consider burning it on the Giant Knife. This penknife actually holds the record for most functions. Some of the Giant Knife's features are a tire tread gauge, cigar cutter and a fish scaler. The Leatherman company has several multi-functional offerings, including the Squirt P4. This keychain-size tool comes with such essential attachments as a bottle opener, a nail cleaner and a ruler. Another Leatherman product is the Freestyle CX, which is a relatively stripped-down multi-purpose tool. Since it's light and small, the Freestyle CX is ideal to carry around for emergencies. In contrast, the Leatherman's Surge is a multi-purpose device that weighs in at a robust 12 ounces (340 grams). The Surge features 18 tools and also comes with a blade exchanger.

Besides Leatherman, Gerber is another well-known knife manufacturer. This company's Compact Sport multi-purpose offering weighs close to seven ounces (about 200 grams) and includes needle-nose pliers and several other tools. Gerber also produces the tiny Clutch, which come with an assortment of hand tools, including a knife blade, screwdrivers and a bottle opener. Another lightweight multi-purpose tool is Quarrow's Turtle 8, which is distinguished by its oval shape. The Turtle 8 is also inexpensive; it costs just five dollars. If you happen to be a fisherman, then the Angler's Mini Tool is for you. Unlike most multi-purpose tools, this Bass Pro Shops device comes with an LED flashlight.




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