Multicolor Perennial Flowers

Finding just the right flowers for your garden can seem difficult. Consider the colors. Do the irises go with the daisies? Are the peonies too subtle? Will the sunflowers be too bright? Here you are, just trying to cultivate plants, and now you have to be an artist.

Maybe you shouldn't decide at all. Why choose just one color, when you can have the entire spectrum? Multicolor perennial flowers will transform your garden into a living tapestry, dotting the landscape with a variety of colors. With multicolor perennials, you get the consistency of using a single flower, but gain the spontaneity of unexpected color combinations.

Image of carnations as an illustration of multicolor perennial flowers.
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Carnations are sometimes referred to as "pinks," although
they also come in red, white, orange, purple, and cranberry.
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The following list of multicolor perennial flowers contains some of the most popular garden blossoms. Their hardiness and wide range of colors has made them longtime favorites. Your local garden center should be able to help you pick out the ideal flowers for your soil and climate. Whatever you end up selecting, multicolor perennial flowers are sure to give you a garden exploding with color.

Multicolor Perennial Flowers, Full Sun:
Multicolor Perennial Flowers for Part Shade:
Multicolor Perennial Flowers for Full Sun or Part Shade:
Multicolor Perennial Flowers for Part Shade or Full Shade:
Multicolor Perennial Flowers for Dry Soil:
Multicolor Perennials for Average Soil:
Multicolor Perennials for Moist Soil:
Multicolor Perennials Under 12 Inches:
Multicolor Perennials, 12-24 Inches in Height:
Multicolor Perennials, Over 24 Inches:
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