Who is "Nacho Libre"? HowStuffWorks Unmasks Mexican Wrestling

ATLANTA (JUNE 14, 2006) - Unbeknownst to most Americans, Mexican wrestling, or Lucha Libre, has been a deep underground phenomenon with a cult-like following in the U.S. for years. San Franciscans turn out in droves for regular Friday night bouts, while many other communities must sate their interest in masked character wrestling through the occasional traveling show or late night cable access oddity. But on June 16, Jack Black will put the sport on the map when he introduces the world to the mysterious life of a Mexican wrestler in his new comedy titled "Nacho Libre."

HowStuffWorks.com, the website best known for its in-depth explanatory articles about everything from science and technology to film and food, is now tackling "How Mexican Wrestling Works" as it examines one of the most extreme, weirdest and coolest cultural practices of our time.

For "Nacho Libre" moviegoers, sports fans, and general knowledge-seekers, HowStuffworks.com provides an opportunity to learn more about the entire history and rules of this intensely nationalistic and theatrical sport including:

  • The origins of Lucha Libre
  • Cultural meanings of Mexican Wrestling
  • Uses of iconography from Aztec warriors, Christian saints, and comic book superheroes in costume design
  • The comparison between the rules and practice of Mexican and U.S. pro wrestling
  • The biggest Lucha Libre stars, including Rey Mysterio, Jr., El Santo, and Mil Mascara
  • Unique moves and holds

"How Mexican Wrestling Works" is just one of thousands of topics explained by HowStuffWorks in a clear, easy-to-understand format that appeals to all age/education levels.



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