What natural gas home appliances are available?

Heating Your Home with Natural Gas

Natural gas heating options abound. Natural gas water heaters can heat up to twice the amount of water in the same time as an electric unit, so you’re less likely to run out if long, hot showers are commonplace in your family. They can also cost less to operate and continue to heat water even if the power goes out.

Gas logs and fireplaces bring warmth and charm into your home without the mess of wood logs and ashes. Gas space heaters help keep small areas in your home warm and comfortable, whether used in place of central systems or as a supplement in drafty rooms.

Other home appliances use natural gas effectively as well. Home chefs and professionals alike love gas ranges because they provide even cooking, low simmering temperatures and burners with high heat output. Natural gas dryers can dry clothes twice as fast as conventional dryers, while using less energy. Electronic drying sensors and temperature controls help make the drying process gentler on clothes so they last longer.

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